• Engage and Inspire with Fulcrum
  • Engage and Inspire with Fulcrum
  • Engage and Inspire with Fulcrum
  • Engage and Inspire with Fulcrum

Fulcrum Learning - tipping the balance in favour of learners.

Welcome to Fulcrum Learning, your hub for effective professional coaching and development; supporting parents as partners in learning; and efficient network or project management. We deliver an outstanding service based on over 25 years of high quality professionalism in education. Our core purpose is to support every school, education professional and network in their learners' journey to excellence.

Our areas of delivery include the provision of high quality, appreciative online coaching; bespoke professional development programmes suited to your context; the management of networks and partnerships; the facilitation of nationally recognised programmes; and project management in an education context. Tipping Point, the Fulcrum Learning blog, supports professionals in education by keeping you in touch with current think, ideas and forthcoming initiatives.

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The benefits of Fulcrum Learning

With a track record of more than twenty five years of excellence in education, Fulcrum Learning provides a secure partnership for parents, schools and partnerships. Our professional service has as its core purpose the success of every learner through outstanding training, partnership and engagement.

25 years experience in teaching

Our professional experience incorporates a wide range of contexts: consistently outstanding primary and secondary (including post-16) teaching, university lecturing, and over ten years of senior leadership experience in a school of sustained excellence. You can be fully assured of our professional understanding and expertise whatever your educational context.

Understanding the needs of children

We passionately believe that effective teaching and learning commences with a focussed understanding of the needs of children and young people. Our wide range of professional experience clearly demonstrates the significant impact that parental engagement has on meeting those needs to the benefit of schools, families and the wider community.

Renewed motivation for teaching professionals

Our trusted and respected professional experience includes extensive leadership experience of professional development; significantly moving individuals and groups in their practice. We have enjoyed leading extensive professional learning in aspects such as: trainee teachers, NQTs, classroom practice, middle leadership, senior leadership and cross-phase learning. Our coaching experience extends across all phases and levels of education professionals.

Best practice, advice and latest thinking.

Our Tipping Point blog enhance and extend the effectiveness of learning, integrating new understanding with established techniques and resources. We have engaged in research for the National Teaching College and support the Sussex Research Network (University of Sussex).

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