Do you keep putting precious school funds into professional development and often find yourself wondering what the lasting benefit was? At Fulcrum Learning we hear reports from headteacher after headteacher that they spent several hundreds of pounds sending a member of staff on a course, or several thousand pounds on an INSET day at the school but can’t point to any long-term impact. It’s an expensive negative cycle that we can help you to break.

Does everything seem to come back to just a few, key staff? The challenging conversations with parents and teachers, key actions from the school development plan, school to school projects and the leadership of networks; so often activities that could and should be undertaken more widely, keep coming back to the same people. That’s why, at Fulcrum Learning, we focus on bespoke solutions to meet the needs of your school, from project management and sourcing funding to bespoke consultancy.

Do you love the potential of coaching to support and grow staff capacity but find that external coaches are just so expensive? The average cost of one to one coaching in the UK is £150 per session. Even courses of telephone coaching sessions often exceed £1000! How many schools can afford that for even one member of staff? Our approach enables you to train your own staff in coaching techniques that they can apply to supporting each other, working with parents and enhancing learning in the classroom.

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