Child poverty

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Recently collected data reveals a 'wide disparity' in child poverty across the UK according to a BBC news report. Those who work in schools are acutely aware of government measures to ensure that children in challenging circumstances achieve the same as their better off peers. However is there really a case that being worse off needs to affect the education of children? The examples cited in news reports point to children who go to school hungry, trips that they can't take advantage of and so forth and yet never in our history have our schools provided so much for children for free. Many schools are proud of their extra-curricular provision often provided at the end of a school day or during lunch times.

School trips are provided at a vastly reduced rate and schools can often find money to enable lower income families to help their children to participate. Most schools have resource centres where they can gain access to ict to support their learning and of course increasingly there are high quality free resources on the internet. Undoubtedly government policy does need to address the issue raised by so many children’s charities but perhaps there also needs to be a better way of promoting what can be accessed within our schools too.

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