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Full disclosure notice on this list: it reflects the tastes of two, very different people and they don't necessarily agree on them all.

Some of them are there for personal and professional reasons.  We had the privilege of hearing Humphrey Walters speak not long after England's World Cup triumph (back in the day) and then to meet and talk with him.  Our copy of his book was signed that day and we have gone back to it many times since.

We have had the pleasure of benefitting from the knowledge and expertise of Joe and Melody Cheal for over a year.  Ever insightful, they add value to all of the lives that they touch and Joe's book neatly captures much more than how to present.

The late, great Stephen Covey still sets a standard that few others achieve.  The moral integrity of the author shines out from every page.  It's one of those books that can be taken a bit at a time - read/apply/read/apply.

And finally, Carol Dweck's optimistic and yet grounded view of human potential is a modern inspiration for all involved in education, training and leadership. The catchier aspects have become a bit abstracted and stretched as others have jumped on her bandwagon; so going back to source is an excellent move.

1.Stephen R Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

2.Charles Handy The second curve

3.Humphrey Walters Global Challenge Leadership lessons from ‘The World’s Toughest Yacht Race’

4.Ken Robinson Creative Schools

5. Kotter Accelerate XLR8

6.Ken Blanchard Whale Done

7.Ken Blanchard The one minute manager

8.Ken Blanchard Leadership and the one minute manager

9.Ken Blanchard The one minute manager meets the monkey

10.Tom Rath Strengths based Leadership

11.Anthony Robbins Notes from a friend

12.Christopher Day Resilient Teachers, Resilient Schools

13.Joe Cheal The model presenter

14.Stephen C Lundin Fish

15.Peter M DeWitt Flipping Leadership Doesn’t Mean Reinventing the Wheel

16.Dr Carol S Dweck Mindset

17.David Cotton Key Management Development Models

18.Freedman Corps Business

19.Spencer Johnson Who moved my cheese?

20.Bruce Lipton Biology of belief


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