Multi-dimensional possibilities

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The land of possibility.


Work in any setting for long enough and then or a of that environment become less and less questioned, more and more accepted as the prevailing norm.


This wallpaper phenomenon is often only noticed when a new employee comes along and asks why something is done that way that it is. If the only available answer is a sophisticated version of 'because it's always been done like that' there is a problem.


To prevent the wallpaper phenomenon being prevalent every setting must systematically seek possibilities.


There are four fields of possibility to explore: time, reach, scope and scale.

Here are some questions to support your journey into the land of possibilities:


Time - which of our existing activities can we create a longer life for? How can we grow into our future?


Reach - how can our existing activities reach out to a larger number of recipients? How can we reach more people?


Scope - how can we increase the range of activities that we provide? How can we increase our scope?


Scale - how can we do more with what we already have? How can we scale up the impact?


By considering possibilities in four dimensions there will always be new and easy to make reforms that will mitigate against the wallpaper phenomenon. They also make powerful tools in a coaching culture that is focused on success. Trust Me Coaching is an effective coaching culture service that provides coat-effective and appreciative coaching for all staff.

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