Micro coaching.

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What do you imagine when you think about a coaching session?

Maybe it's something like this: a comfortable, quiet environment; two easy chairs at 45 degree angle to each other; one person talking quite a lot, gesturing, while another is leaning in slightly, head tilted and expression attentive.

And how long do you imagine the session would be?

30 minutes? An hour?

For good quality face to face coaching most of the above would probably, but not necessarily, apply. However, life can be hectic and the need for a coaching session may arise when the ideal circumstances for a face to face session are not available.

For a quick coaching session in a busy corridor content free micro coaching could be the answer.

Here is a sample content free micro coaching question schedule (CAAC):

Context and benchmarking: So, on a scale of one to ten (with ten being your ideal outcome) where is the situation now?

Activity identification: Can you identify one action that you can take to move one point up the scale towards ten?

Action declaration: When can you complete that action by?

Closure: Good, so we will meet up again on the day after that.

A coaching session of this type is rapid, can be undertaken in almost any environment and operates in short session-action-session loops.

Because Trust Me Coaching is entirely within the control of the coachee it can be undertaken in rapid, effective loops too. Build your development with 30 days of free coaching.

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