Lead with more imagination

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Walt Disney famously said, 'If you can dream it, you can do it.' It sounds unrealistic, but then isn't that a fundamental quality of imagination to be unrealistic?

In order to be more creative and imaginative as school leaders there are three core beliefs that we have to adopt:

1. Imagination, because it is not a reality, is always failure free.

2. We may not have all of the resources that we need but we all have the ability to be infinitely resourceful.

3. Imagination doesn't fit in to right and wrong. It fits everything because it is flexible, rather then rigid.

Behind those three beliefs are three actions that anyone who wants to rekindle their imagination must take:

1. Play games regularly. Have fun, be silly, laugh and break the rules.

2. Notice small acts of creativity in yourself and celebrate them. Reinforce the times when you have been creative and the frequency will increase.

3. Collaborate in your creativity. The image of the lone creative genius is an enticing and pervasive one but it's not accurate. Genius, not misery, loves company.

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