Making best use of the first weeks.

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Those first weeks of the new academic year always have a special flavour to them.

Fresh from the Summer vacation and brimming with good intentions we all pick up a buzz from the students returning in September. And is it me or does the start of the school year almost always involve calm, sunny weather?

Everything seems possible. This year I am not going to allow the workload to get on top of me. This year I will look after myself. This year I will focus on what’s important, the children and their education.

Oh yes, it all seems to make sense in the first couple of weeks. Marking hasn’t really started to roll in. There aren’t too many meetings. The evenings are still long enough to enjoy some ‘me time’. It’s all good.

This is the time to make like the bees and squirrels – store away the goodies for the dark days of Winter. Why not do some of the tasks now that will make such a difference in two or three months time? Write a few spare assemblies to file away. Record a selection of comments that can be used in report writing come January. Get agendas drafted for all of the meetings in the coming term. Investing some effort in early September will help to keep that warm autumn feeling well into the busy year.

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