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Primary deputy headteacher

My first involvement was as a Mathematics Coordinator in a primary School, where Fulcrum Learning secured the school access to funding for raising Mathematics provision and closing the gap on national averages. They supported me throughout the process and developed my professional knowledge with regards to the subject. My next involvement with Fulcrum Learning was as the providers of my NPQSL training. The facilitator's delivery of the course went above and beyond what was expected of them.

Without their guidance I have no doubt that I would not have demonstrated the qualities needed to be awarded with the qualification. The NPQSL took 18 months to complete and during that time I secured an Assistant head teacher role and then soon after I secured another post as a deputy head teacher. During both interviews and numerous times since, I have used the skills and knowledge that I acquired from the NPQSL course. My most recent role with Fulcrum Learning was to be asked to be a facilitator on a Mathematics course that they produced.

To be given the opportunity to be on the 'other side', as a facilitator was invaluable and has led to me running in and out of school training for teaching colleagues on many occasions. Professional and knowledgeable as the facilitators are, within Fulcrum Learning, it is their ability to put you at ease and raise your own self esteem and self belief that separates them from others.'

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