Start, stop and start again to succeed in a big project.

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There’s a big project coming up and you’ve got to lead it.

An entire programme of study needs to be rewritten by the end of the month.

The PSHE units for Year 10 need to be reviewed from scratch.

There is something about the prospect of an extended task that squashes innovative thinking in many people. Like the generals of great armies, we marshal our resources, schedule our time and plan the end victorious outcome. Then, when we sit down to start, every creative, stimulating and interesting idea that we’ve ever had vanishes like mist under the morning sun!

An interesting study by Indiana State University suggested that, if you’re faced with a big project or extended task you’re better off spending 10 to 30 minutes on it and then leaving it for a day or two. Don’t try to find a natural cut off point, just stop and leave it.

Amazingly, your sub-conscious seems to continue working on it even when you’re not. When you come back to the project a day or two later the creative ideas flow much more easily.

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