Making the most of all the education Twitter.

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Twittter has grown up.

The average age of Twitter users has increased over the last five years.  Frequent users are more likely to have silver streaks than youthful locks.

If you are a senior leader in school, a novice to Twitter, but thinking it might be a useful tool, then read on... Thistwo minute introduction is just for you!

Three uses of Twitter:

1. Following only.

Choose who you want to follow so that you can keep up to date. Start with a basic set of organisations or people to follow. If they re-tweet or like people or organisations that interest you, then add them to those that you follow.

Don’t re-tweet, like or comment, just harvest information.

2. Follow and Filter

Take all of the steps in option one. Encourage staff in your school to follow your account. By liking and re-tweeting, you can draw aspects to the attention of your followers.

3. Full participation.

Take all of the steps in options one and two. Also post your own tweets and engage with those you follow by commenting on and questioning their tweets.


Foundation set to follow:

Official and credible.







Representing the profession.



Inspection News.



Academic & Theory.
















At the chalkface.









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