The Art of Standing Out

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 The Art of Standing Out
by Andrew Morrish
Published by John Catt Educational Ltd


This book was recommended to a group of Aspiring Headteachers that I was working with by Dr Paul Jones of Orchard’s Junior School. Andrew Morrish is a keen advocate of improving schools at a deep-rooted level and the book tells his story after many years in Headship. This is a highly readable, uplifting book which challenges schools to become authentic places where trust based on legitimacy and integrity are key values of leadership.

The book is helpfully divided into three sections, representing each stage in the creation of a stand out school and explores the journey from special measures to outstanding and beyond. Each chapter has a few core golden nuggets that are explored through anecdote, self-reflection and honesty. The chatty style masks the deep subject knowledge that Andrew Morrish has about leadership and he clearly has both read and applied a lot of what he has learnt in numerous challenging situations. Dr Jones recommended a perfect book for anyone aspiring to become a headteacher as Morrish himself says in his conclusion ‘As difficult as the climb may be, always remember this: Just go there. People will follow.’

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