Looking Ahead Positively

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You may remember our August blog, ‘beginning over again with the
summer’, in which we reflected upon the teaching profession’s relatively
unique position of starting a new year twice - once in September, and once
in January with the majority of the rest of the working world. The summer
was a perfect opportunity to look back, look up and look forward before the
pupils arrived back, with the added bonus of the sun generally shining on
our reflective process!

Now, we near the Christmas break, and we have once again a perfect
opportunity to reflect on this first third of the academic year. We know our
classes pretty well by now, have encountered their foibles and many
strengths, and hopefully have settled into new schools, departments and
roles if applicable. Now, we can breathe for a moment (we really can - even
if it feels like there isn’t a moment in the day, there is one to be found) and
give ourselves a chance to look ahead positively before we finish school for
2019. This seems like a good moment to remind ourselves that we all got
into teaching to inspire, lead and encourage children. With that at the front
of our minds, I invite you to take a moment over the coming days to ask

- Which child really surprised you this term?
- Which child, thanks to your safety net, found their voice?
- Which child challenged you and what did you do about it?
- Which child still needs a better working relationship with you and how
will you get there?
- What is the last message you want the children you teach to hear
from you as they head off on their break?

For some of us, children and adults, Christmas break is a peaceful, joyful
time relaxing in the company of family and friends. For some of us, children
and adults, some or all of these elements are lacking. Let’s help each
other, our pupils and ourselves to look ahead positively - to a chance to
leave behind the strains of the term, and take forward the nuggets of gold
whose existence we all craved when we first started teacher training.

We at Fulcrum Learning wish you a happy, peaceful and well-deserved
break over the coming weeks and look forward to reconnecting with you in

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