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Early Career Framework - proposed changes to statutory NQT Induction

Date posted: 15/01/2021
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From September 2021, there are proposed changes to the NQT Induction.

As always, our team will be here to support and guide you through this process, whether you are a newly qualified teacher, head teacher, mentor or induction coordinator.

The changes will be as follows;

  • All new teachers undergoing induction will complete a two-year programme.

  • Early career teachers will receive support from a dedicated mentor. This role will be separate to that of the induction tutor.

  • Induction should continue to be supportive and development focused.

  • Two formal assessment points will take place - one midway through induction and one at the end of the induction period.

  • Progress reviews should be undertaken each term. Sussex Teaching School Alliance intends to support the review of NQTs’ progress by asking schools to provide regular progress updates.

  • Part-time early career teachers will be entitled to an induction period equivalent in FTE of two school years. With agreement from the Appropriate Body, in some instances, part-time teachers’ induction period may be reduced.

  • For NQTs who started induction prior to September 2021, they will have until September 2023 to complete a one-year induction period. After this point they will need to complete a full, two-year period.

  • At the end of induction there will continue to be a decision as to whether the teacher’s performance against the Teachers’ Standards is satisfactory.


If you have any questions about the Sussex NQT Induction service, please contact

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