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Learning in Lockdown - The Sutton Trust Report

Date posted: 18/02/2021
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The Sutton Trust has produced a detailed report on Learning in Lockdown. For the whole report visit

Once more it details how the impact of the pandemic is viewed by schools and parents across the country. The findings are stark particularly in terms of the impact of the pandemic on children and continues to be ‘unevenly felt, with over half (55%) of teachers at the least affluent state schools reporting a lower than normal standard of work returned by pupils since the shutdown, compared to 41% at the most affluent state schools and 30% at private schools’. What we don’t know is to what extent schools and teachers are specifically identifying to pupils and families what they expect in returned work. Expectations seem to have been highlighted as teachers in different schools share divergent opinions about the size of the attainment gap. With only 8% of teachers in private schools expecting a change in the attainment gap compared to 49% of teachers in the least advantaged schools it would be helpful to understand the range of factors involved and the article highlights key factors as being levels of deprivation, access to technology and the ability of families to support their children’s learning.

Whilst 52% of teachers believe that having access to a laptop would be the single best intervention it is perhaps based on the assumption that all children have equal access to broadband, the laptop is easy to use and would be used for learning only.

We have known for a long time that the best place to change children’s lives for the better is in a high performing school system, what we are learning now is that schools may be our most valuable asset in providing a consistently supportive learning environment for all children no matter their background.

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