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The Golden Thread of Development for Teachers

Date posted: 18/03/2021
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The providers for the new National Professional Qualifications for Teachers and Leaders are due to be announced at the end of March with the new qualifications ready for delivery in the new academic year. Developed in consultation with experts from across the system they aim to tie the qualifications in with Teacher and Headteacher Standards. So, what does this mean for your career journey? 

It means that you will be able to specialise in a way that supports your career ambitions to become an expert in your field. You can choose from Leading Teaching, Leading Behaviour and Culture, Leading Teacher Development or Senior Leadership, Headship and Executive Leadership as previously.

Although the delivery methods have yet to be finalised we can expect a blended learning approach of face to face and online learning harnessing the great progress that has been made in teacher development during the pandemic.

These new programmes build on the Initial Teacher Training Core Content Framework and the Early Career Teacher Framework (ECF) which will also be launched in September. Each programme has its own set of ‘Learn that...’ statements and ‘Learn how to..’ statements. It's fair to say that this is the most structured Professional development that we have seen in education and training for teachers and leaders. The new providers will use the statements to develop a curriculum that is flexible, coherent and relevant to the complexity of teaching and leading in a range of contexts. Whilst some mourn the loss of Middle Leadership qualifications many teachers are delighted with the idea of deepening their expertise and learning to develop this expertise in their colleagues.

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