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Early Career Framework - changes to statutory NQT Induction

Date posted: 24/04/2021
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From September 2021 the Early Career Framework (ECF) replaces NQT statutory Induction and sets out what Early Career Teachers (ECTs) should learn about and learn how to do during the first two years of their careers.

The ECF includes the following key areas:

          • behaviour management
          • pedagogy
          • curriculum
          • assessment
          • professional behaviours

All new ECTs undergoing induction will be complete a two-year programme to include:

  • The Teachers’ Standards will continue to be used to assess an ECT’s performance in their induction period.

  • The ECT will receive support from a dedicated mentor. This role will be separate to that of the induction tutor.

  • A suitable monitoring and support programme must be put in place for the ECT, to meet their professional development needs including:

    • a programme of training that supports the ECT to understand and apply the knowledge and skills set out in the Early Career Framework;

    • regular one to one mentoring sessions from a designated mentor who holds QTS and has the time and ability to carry out the role effectively;

    • support and guidance from a designated induction tutor who holds QTS and has the time and ability to carry out the role effectively;

    • observation of the ECT’s teaching with written feedback provided;

    • professional reviews of progress conducted by the induction tutor to set and review development targets against the Teachers’ Standards;

    • observation of experienced teachers where effective practice has been identified.

  • Early Career Framework (ECF) based training is embedded as central to induction; not additional training.

  • In addition to the 10% timetable reduction ECTs receive in their first year of induction, ECTs receive a 5% timetable reduction in their second year of induction.

  • Two formal assessment points, one midway through induction, and one at the end of the induction period, supported in between by regular progress reviews to take place in each term.

  • Part-time ECTs will be entitled to an induction period equivalent in FTE of two school years. With agreement from the Appropriate Body (AB),where ECTs working part-time can demonstrate that they have met the Teachers’ Standards, the AB can agree a reduction in the length of the induction period. This in agreement with the ECT and once they have completed a period covering, but not equivalent to, two school years.

  • For ECTs who started induction prior to September 2021, they will have until September 2023 to complete a one-year induction period. After this point they will need to complete a full, two-year period. Where possible these ECTs should have an ECF-based induction and a mentor for the remainder of their one-year induction period.

  • At the end of induction there will continue to be a decision as to whether the teacher’s performance against the Teachers’ Standards is satisfactory.

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