Are all the routes into Teacher Training providing high quality trainees?

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At a time when only 14% of trainees are trained by outstanding providers and 35,000 teachers need to be trained each year there has been concern over the quality of teacher training and also the variation in the content of such training.

The Carter Review aims to address such issues; commissioned by the secretary of state for education in April 2014 ‘’The aim of the review would be to identify which core elements of high quality ITT across phases and subject disciplines are key to equipping trainees with the required skills and knowledge to become outstanding teachers”.

This reads as a very competent review which has sought the opinions of all involved in Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and its recommendations in many ways will not be a surprise but they do confirm what grate teacher training partnerships have been doing for a long time in the absence of a framework of content for ITT. Subject knowledge is always a concern for mentors and trainees alike so it is good to see that as the first recommendation for inclusion in an ITT framework; subject specific pedagogy is perhaps something that some trainees learn earlier than others usually depending on the subject; assessment and the theory of assessment are a key part and also an area that is hard to develop without practice and a surprise to many (because they would assume that it is included) is child and adolescent development.

The recommendations continue into a second section for ITT partnerships and are robust and helpful although not all may welcome revised teacher standards or indeed standards for mentors. It is clear however that it is not possible to create and develop outstanding teachers and future leaders without a coherent framework and a time of so many diverse routes into teaching it is needed now more than ever. Click here to access the Carter Review.

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