The Future of Teacher Training

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The future of teacher training is set for a major update following recommendations from the Carter Review (see Tipping Point blog 12/03/2015).

Sir Andrew Carter at the Teaching School Council (TSC) Conference yesterday talked of the wide disparity in the quality of the PGCE qualification that so many teachers hold dear. UCET and Sheffield Hallam University are about to begin the process of developing a set of standards to bring coherence and clarity to the PGCE qualification.  The content of teacher training programmes will also be subject to further scrutiny as a TSC commission gets under way.

Good news was to be found in Sir Andrew’s suggestion that rather than another list of standards for mentors, consideration was being given to developing a skills checklists which outlines areas of experience that a mentor would need to have acquired before putting themselves forward as a mentor.

It was a shock to hear yesterday that the average life of a teacher in the profession is only 4.5 years with the two most cited reasons for leaving being issues around behaviour management and workload.

Finally there are 500,000 trained teachers who are not currently teaching and finding ways to enable people to re-join the profession could be a consideration for Schools, Teaching School Alliances and SCITTs who are looking to train and develop teachers. With 600,000 children set to start school within the next Parliament it looks like we’re going to need them!


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