Being watched as you change.

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A recent tweet from the Guardian asks the question What will you be changing about your teaching this year?.

It's the time of year when there is still plenty of holiday left for most teachers (unless you're in Scotland) and enough time to have recovered from the summer term, there's time to think about the year ahead without the pressure of the classroom.

What does the year ahead hold for you? What aspirations do you have for your classes, your personal growth, your community? So the question in the Guardian tweet could be interpreted in a very broad sense. In planning your first term, is there space to consider beyond the curriculum and reflect as well on your identity as a teacher. What kind of teacher do you want to be remembered as? Is it time to refresh your style as well as your energy levels?

If you are new to teaching you will be surrounded by a wealth of expertise and experience, be excited about your new post and aim to remain excited at the prospect of another year - use the experience of other teachers to enable you to build sound systems for managing your workload and giving the kids the best deal that you can provide.

If you are keen to explore and reflect on your own practice the quickest way to see yourself in action is to be recorded. It's an option that many teachers avoid and its challenging but as long as you feedback to yourself in the way that you would to someone else with plenty of what went wells and a couple of even better ifs your teaching could change dramatically.

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