We directly facilitate a range of CPD, ranging from individually tailored sessions to nationally recognised programmes such as NPQSL.Additionally we are proud to host the Be Brilliant CPD programmes which respond to the needs of professionals and parents in the fast changing and challenging landscape of education.

Be Brilliant in the Classroom.

Be Brilliant in the Classroom applies the key features of Neuro Linguistic Psychologies (NLP) to classroom practice.

  • Do you want to build a great learning environment?
  • Are you interesting in knowing how to communicate elegantly with learners?
  • Are you concerned about the effectiveness your working strategies?
  • Do you seek a better work-life balance?

Be Brilliant in the Classroom enables classroom practitioners, teachers and assistants alike, to achieve all this and more.

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Be Brilliant in Leadership.

This dynamic four day course moves the skills of leaders and aspiring leaders to a new level.Applying NLP in a format that focusses on being brilliant as a leader of a team, subject or learning community.

  • Do you want to know principles of being an outstanding leader?
  • Are you concerned to develop the potential of yourself and those you lead?
  • Do you aspire to deploying time, resources and colleagues more effectively?
  • Are you keen to develop your distinctive leadership style?

Be Brilliant in Leadership promotes the very best in leaders and those aspiring to lead.

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Both of the Be Brilliant courses can also provide participants with a nationally recognised diploma in NLP, subject to assessment and certification.

Nationally recognised programmes.

In addition to our bespoke programmes we also facilitate a range of nationally recognised courses such as NPQML, NPQSL, ITP and OTP. We are proud to have created 50% of the new one day elective modules (commencing September 2015) in both NPQML and SL, for the Institute of Education.

What people say about our service.

Here are a sample of direct quotations from evaluations:

'Discussions with their input give rise to greater understanding and raises the challenge! (Secondary middle leader).

'Excellent facilitators who are very supportive and knowledgeable.' (Primary middle leader).

'I have found the questions and discussion generated/encouraged me to further my thinking and reading.' (Primary SENCO).

'A fantastic balance of leading/challenging my learning allowing me to independently reflect/form opinion/find solutions.' (Secondary senior leader).

'Engaging and interesting, great rapport!' (FE senior leader).

'Really impressive knowledge and understanding of subject content.' (PRU senior leader).

'I've already had two thank you and both specifically reference your presentation. I think they will be seeking your services and support at their schools.' (HE senior leader).