Securing British values

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In the previous blog we considered the role of the promotion of British values in modern society. There are substantial challenges faced by schools in addressing issues surrounding fundamentalism, radicalism and terrorism. As concepts these are complex and necessitate careful teaching. In all schools embedding British values is central to address the threats to our democratic society.

At a recent governors training event there was a fair amount of quiet understatement (how very British!) in putting forward ideas about what British values actually are. Phrases such as 'the rule of law', 'tolerance' and 'fairness' were proposed. Challenged to go deeper brought a prolonged silence. Summing up the positive features of a culture is not an easy process for adults, how much more so then for young learners.

It was a relief then to be given a policy template from an outstanding primary school. The policy was much more than a statement of aspirational intent. It actually identified the practices used to embed British values in everyday school life. It's not a one size fits all issue but a template like that is a good start for those looking to build sustainable practice in their school.

The resource was free to use and we have included it on the Resources, Courses and More page of our website. If you develop it, or find something better, please let us know at

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