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Are you ready to be part of the educational revolution?

The White paper released in March of this year makes several references to the College of Teaching which many of us have been aware of due to the claim your college campaign. The new College of Teaching will receive its new Royal Charter on the 25th May 2015 replacing after 167 years the College of Preceptors an organisation for the promotion of sound learning which was inaugurated by Queen Victoria and the charter of 1998. The new College is a professional body for the teaching profession which will be able to issue officially recognised qualifications. It will be a voluntary membership organisation which is independent of government and run for teachers. The whole point of this body is to enable the teaching profession to take responsibility for its own development putting teachers at the heart of educational change. Admittedly the website is not as exciting at present as the Royal College of Medicine or Surgeons, neither have we heard mention of a members club, but with the £5 million seed funding provided in March no doubt that will change as the teaching profession gains the status that has been awarded to nurses, doctors and lawyers for decades, indeed centuries in some cases.

So what does this College mean for us? Firstly, it will emphasise a career pathway enabling those who wish to stay in the classroom the opportunity to develop their expertise and a defined path for what a teacher must do if they are to develop into a leadership role; there will be a Chartered status qualification which endows on an individual an indicator of the highest standards of professionalism, learning and ethical behaviour and a new peer reviewed British Educational Review enabling teachers to turn to a trusted source for high quality research that can be applied in the classroom.

For the early adopters amongst the teaching profession what's the next step? The White paper makes it clear that it is aiming to develop a highly qualified profession, so perhaps that is a good starting point. Review your professional development to date, what steps have you taken to strengthen your practice or explore the next steps of your career? The College will be appointing mentors for members who want them but perhaps you already know someone who would be a good mentor for you. Research is high on the agenda for the profession of the future, so if you have some Masters points maybe it's time to dust them off and make them count in your favour! 

To find out more visit the College website where you will find further resources and videos.

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