Using 'yes' to make good choices.

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It's an amazing opportunity!

We really need someone who can do this.

I know this is right for you.

Challenges, opportunities, problems  they come packaged in all kinds of different ways and they keep on coming don't they? Techniques aimed at managing time and tasks in the face of growing demands tend to focus on how to say no. Let's spin that around though, and think of some self-coaching questions that support you in deciding whether you should say yes.

 If I say Yes now, how likely is it that in a month I'll wish that I'd said No?

 What concerns do I have about this? What will it cost me?

What does my heart say? Am I feeling external pressure to go in a certain direction?

Does this align with my purpose and mission in life?

What will I stop to doing to make space for this?

Can this wait? What are the implications of putting my decision on hold for a while?

What makes this worth doing?

Learning how to say no gracefully and securely is certainly a vital skill but it expresses an away from philosophy. It encourages you to decide in the negative. Self-coaching questions that focus on why you should say yes have the opposite effective; they emphasise the positive reasons for accepting, which give as energetic boost to your actions right from the start.

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