Summer holidays at the end of Year 10

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The long summer holiday is a great time to get a good foundation for progress in Year 10 and 11. The average summer holiday is six weeks long. One 45 minute session (which is about the length of the average lesson) in each working day of the holiday means the equivalent of 30 lessons. That might represent gaining an extra week of learning with very little sacrifice in such a long holiday. It is a hard sell but the benefits are significant.

Here are four ways that your son or daughter can make best use of the holiday:

i.Organise all of the exercise books and folders. Tab each new topic and write a contents list for each folder and book.

ii.Colour-code the key information in the exercise books and folders.

iii.Write a short summary of for each topic.

iv.Take a few minutes every day to read through a different topic from a subject.

v.Preview new topics by reading background information. Most schools will happily loan books over the holiday and if not librarians in public libraries leap with joy when a young person comes in to request help in locating books for different subjects.

Please note that most of these activities allow for an environment that does not have to be one of examination silence – another incentive.

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