Why everyone should have a coach

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We have evolved as a species to be sophisticated discerns and exploiters of patterns. This plant is growing near a water source, therefore observing that plant in a different location suggests that water is nearby. When the season was dry last year and the moon was positioned there in the sky, those animals migrated through our valley, therefore we should be setting the traps now as that time is coming again. A growing economy demands more raw resources, therefore I will purchase futures in Australian iron ore when the first quarter figures for the Chinese economy show continued growth. Distinguish a pattern, test the pattern, exploit the pattern.

What serves us well at a macro and micro level in our lives can also entail disadvantages. In an information rich era we have learned to become cognitive misers. We aim to select the minimum amount of information in order to achieve the desired outcome. The evidence of this is all around us. Tweets, sound bites, and 24 hour news channels all provide ample evidence of our desire to control the flood by restricting the flow. The difficulty is that being a cognitive miser means developing life patterns on the basis of less and less evidence. We become lazy in our thinking and stick with the pattern. As a result, coaching is more important for more of us than that at any time in our history.

If we are to be active citizens in a global community, successful in our personal relationships and effective in our work, we must be able to change the age old formula. Instead of recognising and exploiting patterns we must be able to recognise, question and then exploit patterns. Coaching does just that.

A person being coached is someone who is being actively valued for their potential. One of the fundamental tenets of coaching is that we all have the resourcefulness that we need in our lives. That's not to be confused with the resources that we need, those can be acquired, but without resourcefulness resources are of little use. Coaching values the resourcefulness of each of us and, through the coaching dialogue, aims to help us to make the most of that.

In a fast changing world coaching enables that resourcefulness to come to the fore, which encourages a mindset that not only perceives patterns but questions them before application. Psychological flexibility, resilience and confidence. Valuable assets in the modern world.

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