Now more than ever? The arts in education.

(Date posted: 21/01/2021)

What place do the creative arts have in education as we transition to the new, old normal? Taking Samantha Price’s clarion call of 2018 our latest blog considers the reasons why the creative arts need to be re-examined.
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Early Career Framework - proposed changes to statutory NQT Induction

(Date posted: 15/01/2021)

A summary of the changes to the NQT Induction, coming into place in September 2021.
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Different eyes

(Date posted: 07/01/2021)

Education has always been hectic, the pressure to perform leads to an inward focus, a ‘just get it done’ mentality’. It makes us cognitive misers: we hoard our precious time and energy because we don’t know what’s coming up next.
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Clasping Shards of Light

(Date posted: 10/12/2020)

At the invitation of the Fulcrum Learning directors, I offer my personal reflection as a returning teacher.
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Communication 101

(Date posted: 27/11/2020)

So many positive interactions are able to take place when we consider carefully our methods of communication with our colleagues, our pupils and their caregivers.
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Normalising Numeracy

(Date posted: 19/11/2020)

In all subjects, we are teachers of numeracy. As well as planning it in, have a go at making these skills an embedded part of your practice. Numeracy is for life, not just for maths lessons.
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AFL - How can we assess learning from our new vantage point?

(Date posted: 03/11/2020)

Most teachers are now teaching from ‘behind the line’ - whether a literal line on the floor or a metaphorical line in their minds. How can we adapt our AFL practices under these circumstances and still accurately track learning in lessons?
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Connection Before Correction

(Date posted: 24/08/2020)

Never has this mantra been a more important resolution than as we prepare to return to school this term.
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Reflection and Realignment

(Date posted: 20/07/2020)

As the academic year draws to a close, we have a valuable opportunity to consider what has changed, what we have learned, and what can be taken forward.
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A brief guide to action learning

(Date posted: 22/06/2020)

What is action learning and how can we help you?
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Catching up after school closure - article summary

(Date posted: 15/06/2020)

Laurie Smith, highly experienced teacher and visiting lecturer at King’s College, London, has written a detailed article exploring what can be learned from the catch-up programme instituted in Israel in the 50s and 60s.
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Setting time boundaries at home and at work

(Date posted: 05/06/2020)

In a profession without standard working hours under usual circumstances, it is even more crucial during these challenging times that we ensure we and our colleagues are able to observe home and work life boundaries.
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Problem-solving at the source

(Date posted: 06/05/2020)

How do we ensure a balance between fire-fighting and innovating?
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Are you (online) application ready?

(Date posted: 24/04/2020)

How can you ensure that you are ready to apply and interview online?
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Fostering Community

(Date posted: 16/03/2020)

In a time of such unprecedented confusion and worry, it is vital that we turn our attention outwards and ensure that we are fostering the characteristics of service, patience and compassion within our communities.
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Making the most of meetings

(Date posted: 02/03/2020)

How can we get the best out of our designated meeting times?
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Time Management

(Date posted: 07/02/2020)

Time is a commodity most of us feel is often in short supply! How can we make the most of the hours in the day to allow for effective work, home and personal lives?
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Rethinking Homework

(Date posted: 12/12/2019)

How can we ensure that the homework tasks we are setting are meaningful and beneficial to all involved?
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Looking Ahead Positively

(Date posted: 03/12/2019)

As the Christmas break approaches and a third of the academic year is nearly complete, we have a wonderful opportunity to reflect, review and renew.
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Making concrete offers

(Date posted: 29/11/2019)

A school community is built by its people. In this blog we explore one possible way of providing support to each other by making concrete offers of help.
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Making the most of tests and mocks

(Date posted: 15/11/2019)

A short explanation of key ideas
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An Introduction to Coaching

(Date posted: 08/11/2019)

In this series of blogs, we will explore the concept of coaching and how it could be used effectively in an education setting. The first in the series, today’s post explores the basics of coaching.
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Supporting NQTs as a non-mentor

(Date posted: 26/09/2019)

Just as the adage goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, so it takes a whole school to train a teacher.
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Successful Mentoring

(Date posted: 13/09/2019)

Whether you’re new to mentoring, returning after a break or a regular, you are providing a valuable, crucial and career-changing service to the newest members of our profession.
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Planning Ahead

(Date posted: 30/08/2019)

As the new term approaches, start as positively as possible with a clear approach to planning and organising your year.
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“Beginning over again with the summer...”

(Date posted: 09/08/2019)

We’re not going mad - we know the summer started a few weeks ago! But we also know that summer is an endless opportunity for refreshment, reinvigoration and reinvention.
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The Life Lessons of ‘Winnie the Pooh’

(Date posted: 23/07/2019)

Here in East Sussex, we are lucky to have on our doorstep the famous ‘Hundred Acre Wood’, home to much-loved children’s characters Winnie the Pooh and friends. The timeless wisdom of their author, A A Milne crosses eras and generations.
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Your NQT year - some non-exhaustive advice

(Date posted: 09/07/2019)

So you’re nearing the end of your training - well done! One huge task is very nearly complete. The next stage of the adventure is your NQT year; as those who have been there, we have put together a non-exhaustive list of advice to help you prepare.
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Review: IMPACT magazine January 2019 PART 2: Technology to support teaching and learning

(Date posted: 21/06/2019)

Part 2 of our summary of IMPACT magazine's January 2019 edition on understanding the impact of technology. In Part 2, we summarise the articles focused on ‘Technology to support teaching and learning’
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Leaving with dignity

(Date posted: 23/05/2019)

Whatever your reasons may be for leaving your current place of work, you deserve a dignified exit. Plan your exit strategy carefully to make that happen.
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Are you application ready?

(Date posted: 21/05/2019)

Whether you’re moving on, moving up or looking for your first teaching post, the application and interview process can feel equally exciting and challenging. We’ve pulled together our best advice as you begin (or continue this process). Good luck!
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Review: IMPACT magazine January 2019 - Understanding the impact of technology

(Date posted: 07/05/2019)

January’s edition of IMPACT from The Chartered College of Teaching was tech-themed. We’ve read it (in case you didn’t have time!) and you can find our ‘takeaway messages’ in our series of upcoming blogs. Part 1- Understanding the impact of techn
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Revision Tips

(Date posted: 18/04/2019)

We’ve put together our top tips for teachers to help make the revision process more manageable!
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Reflection - a useful tool or a paper-pushing exercise?

(Date posted: 02/04/2019)

Does reflection have a place in your professional practice?
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Closing the Vocabulary Gap

(Date posted: 15/03/2019)

5 ‘quick wins’ for you to help improve your pupils’ vocabulary
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Making Assemblies Matter

(Date posted: 01/03/2019)

We bet you could count on one hand the assemblies you’ve experienced that have had a lasting, positive impact on you - both as a child and as a school professional! We all want our assemblies to be engaging and meaningful - but where to start?
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Circles of concern and influence

(Date posted: 21/02/2019)

In his best-selling book, Stephen R. Covey outlines seven steps towards personal change and growth and helps us understand the difference between our circles of concern and our circles of influence helping our well-being, reactions & productivity.
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A knowledge rich curriculum – should we be concerned?

(Date posted: 10/02/2019)

What's the real meaning of knowledge?
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Change the colour of January

(Date posted: 22/01/2019)

Do you have a strategy for success this term? How do you approach the month with possibly of the worst media reputation? Does January have to deserve it’s ‘blue’ status, or can you make it another, more energising colour?
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Taking small scale research broader and deeper.

(Date posted: 09/01/2019)

Looking at a local Early Years transition research project.
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Is ‘good’ good enough?

(Date posted: 30/11/2018)

Can a school really be judged by a one or two-word label?
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Silver bullets, golden eggs and treasure hunts

(Date posted: 20/11/2018)

Is searching for what works in schools a wild goose chase?
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Do we need to know what ‘they’ are saying?

(Date posted: 07/11/2018)

Is knowledge always power?
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Will wellness solve teacher retention?

(Date posted: 30/10/2018)

Creating CPD around mental and physical health to equip and support our NQTs.
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Creative Interventions

(Date posted: 11/10/2018)

In charge of interventions for your department? New to the job or looking for an overhaul? Before you put anything in place, consider carefully the desired outcomes and don’t be afraid to be a bit creative!
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Mind the Gap

(Date posted: 28/09/2018)

How can you be mindful of recognised attainment and progress gaps without becoming overwhelmed by them?
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Leading by Example

(Date posted: 20/09/2018)

Have you stopped to consider that your staff and colleagues are looking to your example just as much as your pupils?
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Keys to NQT Success (NOT Survival)

(Date posted: 12/09/2018)

Don’t survive your NQT year - smash it!
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Three 'Top Tips' for Form tutors

(Date posted: 30/08/2018)

Being a successful form tutor when it’s ‘not your thing’
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It just won't go in!

(Date posted: 26/06/2018)

Helping 'those' students to revise...
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The three categories of student teacher

(Date posted: 09/06/2018)

Categorising student teachers to better support them
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The Art of Standing Out

(Date posted: 09/04/2018)

Book review of The Art of Standing Out: School Transformation, to Greatness and Beyond by Andrew Morrish
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Selecting the best medium for the message

(Date posted: 20/03/2018)

There are many ways to communicate and only a few that are appropriate for any given activity...
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What role is there for neuroscience in the classroom?

(Date posted: 13/03/2018)

A look at research into the role of neuroscience in the classroom
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Making the most of practitioner research

(Date posted: 08/03/2018)

Four rules for developing teacher research as a school improvement strategy
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8 habits of a happy teacher

(Date posted: 20/02/2018)

Tips on becoming a happier & more effective teacher
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Leadership coaching that transforms

(Date posted: 06/02/2018)

Four key considerations that enhance the effectiveness of leadership coaching
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Making the most of all the education Twitter.

(Date posted: 25/01/2018)

Using Twitter as a school leader.
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What a good mentor needs to know about trainees teachers.

(Date posted: 14/01/2018)

Research from Loughborough University into the pressures of the trainee year.
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Well adjusted teachers equals well adjusted students

(Date posted: 11/12/2017)

Research demonstrates the significance of SEL for teachers as well as students.
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I'm not waving....

(Date posted: 27/11/2017)

The power of asking for help
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Focus on a single activity

(Date posted: 27/11/2017)

Multitasking has its place but sequential thinking is better
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Stress, time management systems and productivity.

(Date posted: 20/11/2017)

International research showing the link between time management systems and wellbeing.
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Wellbeing for All.

(Date posted: 14/11/2017)

Why wellbeing matters for all in the school community.
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Start, stop and start again to succeed in a big project.

(Date posted: 27/10/2017)

Let your sub-conscious take the strain when it comes to creativity.
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The sounds of success?

(Date posted: 27/10/2017)

Is quiet better than music if you really want to focus?
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When you really have to delegate

(Date posted: 16/10/2017)

In a crisis situation we learn that we can delegate more effecively.
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Do, delegate, dump

(Date posted: 06/10/2017)

Time to take the ego out of the list
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Scrap the use of central data?

(Date posted: 24/09/2017)

How should data be used in the current education system?
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How quickly we judge!

(Date posted: 18/09/2017)

Just two factors may decided how we are assessed as credible educators.
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Mindful leadership

(Date posted: 07/09/2017)

Using experimentation to increase performance.
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Taking care of yourself first

(Date posted: 04/09/2017)

To lead effectively in education you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.
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Making best use of the first weeks.

(Date posted: 22/08/2017)

Early September is a great time to prepare for the busy months ahead.
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Changing education with art.

(Date posted: 24/07/2017)

The power of the arts to be subversive in countering a prevailing approach to education.
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Teaching Schools Ready for the Challenge.

(Date posted: 17/07/2017)

The multiple and exciting challanges facing teaching schools.
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Coaching to achieve peak performance.

(Date posted: 30/06/2017)

Coach, mentor or instructor? What do we need to achieve our very best performance?
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Teachers as researchers

(Date posted: 19/06/2017)

Three reasons to contradict the prevailing paradigm surounding teachers as reseachers.
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The toughest decision?

(Date posted: 12/06/2017)

Sometimes that toughest decisions are not the ones that you expect.
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Learning the lesson

(Date posted: 05/06/2017)

Repeating what we are shown is not always the best route to learning.
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Lead with more imagination

(Date posted: 21/05/2017)

School leaders can develop a more imaginative approach to succeed.
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Hold on to be a great leader

(Date posted: 14/05/2017)

The power of tenacity can overcome many obstacles in school leadership.
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Take the punches and keep coming back

(Date posted: 07/05/2017)

How to develop and sustain resilience in the face of challenge.
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Defying Pareto's Principle

(Date posted: 01/05/2017)

Not every young person fits in to the 20 or 80. The challenge for school leaders is to recognize that.
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Is technology changing child development?

(Date posted: 24/04/2017)

The use of mobile technology is rapidly changing the life experiences of very young children. What are the consequences?
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Sliding between conscious and unconscious competence.

(Date posted: 18/04/2017)

The benefits of reflection in professional development.
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When should you be listening critically?

(Date posted: 27/03/2017)

Critical listening supports leaders by focusing on evaluation.
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Active listening

(Date posted: 20/03/2017)

Why do we drift off when we should be paying attention?
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The things we tell ourselves

(Date posted: 13/03/2017)

Internal dialogue can be a powerful shaping force in dealing with problem situations.
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Listening to develop better relationships

(Date posted: 06/03/2017)

Relationship listening builds better professional and personal relationships.
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Micro coaching.

(Date posted: 21/02/2017)

A quick coaching technique that works content free.
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Naming the issue without confrontation.

(Date posted: 20/02/2017)

Moving a coachee on to describing a key incident or feature without provoking confrontation.
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The challenging coach.

(Date posted: 13/02/2017)

Asking the right challenging questions as a coach to produce productive outcomes.
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When coaching is not the right option.

(Date posted: 04/02/2017)

Identifying the situations where mentoring should be taking place, rather than coaching.
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The ten qualities that make an outstanding coach

(Date posted: 30/01/2017)

A selection and sorting activity to help coaches to define what they need to be and do in order to be outstanding.
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Finding the right formula for a coaching conversation

(Date posted: 23/01/2017)

A simple formula to guide clear coaching language.
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Principle-driven coaching.

(Date posted: 16/01/2017)

What are the key principles that should drive all successful coaching?
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Three barriers to successful coaching.

(Date posted: 09/01/2017)

Learning lessons about effective coaching by considering what prevents it from happening.
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Working on core business.

(Date posted: 19/12/2016)

A three stage toolkit to define activities that work on core business.
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Multi-dimensional possibilities

(Date posted: 12/12/2016)

Thinking of possibilities in a multi-dimensional sense prevents accepted practice from continuing unquestioned.
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The power of coaching to change limiting beliefs.

(Date posted: 05/12/2016)

Appreciative coaching moves a coachee from learned helplessness to empowerment through open, enquiring questions.
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Being your best self

(Date posted: 28/11/2016)

lessons from failing schools.
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Understanding your team.

(Date posted: 22/11/2016)

Analysing the authority and power of team members to understand how best to work with them.
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Feeling like a hamster in a wheel?

(Date posted: 14/11/2016)

Strategies for becoming more efficient and more effective too.
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The joy of the cognitive miser.

(Date posted: 07/11/2016)

Be sharper and more focused by becoming a cognitive miser.
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Being Nice Pays

(Date posted: 16/10/2016)

Review of The Power of Nice by Thaler and Koval.
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Think fast and speak slow

(Date posted: 11/10/2016)

The differential between speed of thought and speed of speech can be a vital feature of effective leadership.
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Coaching and monkeys.

(Date posted: 03/10/2016)

Learning how to stop adopting monkeys is a key feature of a coaching culture.
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Read to lead.

(Date posted: 26/09/2016)

Twenty books every school leader should read.
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Primary School Tests

(Date posted: 19/09/2016)

What are the lessons that we can learn from the primary school tests of 2016?
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Are you a clean marker?

(Date posted: 12/09/2016)

The application of clean language to marking in the light reforms.
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What do we need to learn from London?

(Date posted: 05/09/2016)

The 2016 primary test results show London achieving above the regions. What do we need to learn from that?
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Probing questions in effective coaching

(Date posted: 29/08/2016)

A quick guide to the best four probing questions in coaching.
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What's the value of good coaching?

(Date posted: 01/08/2016)

The questions every good coach should be asking.
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Asking the wrong question.

(Date posted: 25/07/2016)

Six wrong steps that move coaching into mentoring.
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Why ask?

(Date posted: 17/07/2016)

Why is coaching such a powerful tool?
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What is coaching?

(Date posted: 12/07/2016)

Coaching is a widely used term. This article considers the four key features that define coaching in a modern context.
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Why everyone should have a coach

(Date posted: 04/07/2016)

The pressures and demands of modern life create aunique need for everyone to have a good coach.
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Summer holidays at the end of Year 10

(Date posted: 27/06/2016)

Making the most of the Summer holidays can gain your child as much a week of learning with ease.
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Using 'yes' to make good choices.

(Date posted: 13/06/2016)

'I always say yes' is a phrase that can suggest an inability to be selective, or to say no. The same word can also by your best tool for making the right choices.
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You are the best coach for your child.

(Date posted: 07/06/2016)

A guide to the best questions and techniques to be an effective coach to your child's education.
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Making the move to 'big school'

(Date posted: 23/05/2016)

There are some simple, easy to take steps that every parent can take in order to ensure that their child has the best possible transition to secondary school.
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Thinking about the team in a different way.

(Date posted: 16/05/2016)

Belbin's model provides a tool for thinking about your participation or leadership of a team in different ways.
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TSAs and MATs: here and now, plus a glimpse of the future.

(Date posted: 09/05/2016)

A summary of two key presentions from the May 2016 SSAT teaching school conference.
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Six steps to attentive listening

(Date posted: 02/05/2016)

When most people listen to another person they are only 60% attentive. We all do it and we all know it. That's why we particularly value the person who gives us their undivided attention. Learn six steps to being a truly attentive listener.
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Tell a good story

(Date posted: 25/04/2016)

There are seven steps to telling a great story. Use them to build a better team, improve learning and get your message over.
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Stopping the problem becoming a nightmare

(Date posted: 18/04/2016)

Strong descriptive language for problems creates a mind block that can prevent an effective solution being found. Here are three simple questions to support problem solving.
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Affirming your best self.

(Date posted: 11/04/2016)

We can all develop limiting self-beliefs. These can be challenged and changed in a simple, five step process.
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Join the revolution!

(Date posted: 04/04/2016)

The College of Teaching is set to play a major role in the revolution of practice and systems sweeping across education in England between now and 2020.
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Getting what you see.

(Date posted: 29/03/2016)

How to use your Reticular Activating System to you best advantage.
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Stronger together

(Date posted: 21/03/2016)

Dealling with challenge and uncertainty through collaboration and cooperation.
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Growing your creativity

(Date posted: 14/03/2016)

Creativity is not a 'set from birth' thing. We can all practice techniques to grow our own creativity.
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Meeting the right needs first.

(Date posted: 07/03/2016)

Good training facilitation is not an automatic consequence of knowing your stuff. Credibility is worthless as a facilitator if you haven't considered the needs of your participants.
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Collaboration - a force multiplier

(Date posted: 29/02/2016)

The key points from a presentation about the benefits of Teaching School collaboration, to the Sussex Research Network.
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The power of presuppositions

(Date posted: 22/02/2016)

The presuppositions that we use to assess everyday incidents can have a powerful effect on our response to them and the eventual outcomes.
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What you expect is what you get.

(Date posted: 08/02/2016)

Carl Rogers laid down a simple principle for positive psychologies that applies very well in dealing with colleagues or students.
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Where you put the good news.

(Date posted: 01/02/2016)

In dealing with students or colleagues there are sometimes 'difficult' conversations. Spatial anchoring offers a technique that can help to turn difficult into productive.
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Being credible in the classroom

(Date posted: 25/01/2016)

What are the factors that generate credibility in the classroom? How can they be acquired?
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Liberation or chaos?

(Date posted: 18/01/2016)

The next five years are likely to be ones of rapid and deep change in education. Is this something to be feared or celebrated?
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A depressed and lonely generation?

(Date posted: 11/01/2016)

Findings from Childline indicate that the primary causes of distress for young people have changed over the last thirty years.
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(Date posted: 04/01/2016)

Achieveing effective long-term change through the application of small, daily alterations.
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The land that time forgot.

(Date posted: 29/12/2015)

Why do we still have low impact, awayday CPD?
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A self-improving system: the place for trust.

(Date posted: 22/12/2015)

Trust is identified as a key aspect of Hargreaves self-improvement model. There are many benefits but potential risks too.
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A self-improving school system.

(Date posted: 15/12/2015)

A summary of David Hargreaves (2012) article for the National College for School Leadership
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What the mission statement says.

(Date posted: 08/12/2015)

The mission statement of a school carries weight in it's words, the process of their creation and how they are implemented.
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Changing the focus of appraisal

(Date posted: 30/11/2015)

A Harvard Business Review article challenges all leaders to reimagine their approach to appraisal, to the benefit of the individual and the organisation.
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Proud of the brand

(Date posted: 23/11/2015)

Education, leadership, profession qualifications', 'We are too quiet and too easily put down about the value of an education in England and Wales.
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Tackling disadvantage one book at a time

(Date posted: 23/11/2015)

Education, learning, literacy, public libraries, schools, The role of the public library is vital in developing a love of learning, encouraging literacy and supporting families across the UK.
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Securing British values

(Date posted: 23/11/2015)

An examplar policy to help embed the delivery of British values in the culture of a primary school.
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(Date posted: 16/11/2015)

British values, tolerance and democracy. The Paris attacks vividly demonstrate the reasons why these have to be an embedded part of every learning community.
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Being watched as you change.

(Date posted: 18/08/2015)

Changing your pedagogy can be powerfully facilitated by the experience of watching your own practice.
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Which direction does education point to?

(Date posted: 10/08/2015)

Study by Professor Andrew Hill points to the adverse impact of friends from the opposite sex of grades in education.
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How situational is your leadership?

(Date posted: 04/08/2015)

Situational Leadership II promotes a nuanced approach to the leadership of a team within the context of the One Minute Manager paradigm.
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All just a fiction?

(Date posted: 30/07/2015)

Does the list of top 100 primary school reads represent a teacher-driven fiction or a reality about modern childhood?
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Is that really a growth mindset?

(Date posted: 20/07/2015)

Growth mindset has become a popular label but how many people grasp the implications of the concept?
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Learning for all

(Date posted: 12/07/2015)

The impact of the Sussex Research Network extends far beyond the business card exchange model.
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On your marks, get set?

(Date posted: 01/07/2015)

Thinking of transition for all of our learners may provide the key to quick momentum in the new academic year.
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Saying what you mean

(Date posted: 26/06/2015)

Education can be littered with codified language that baffles and bemuses, despite very good intentions.
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Valuing the Arts

(Date posted: 16/06/2015)

HRAEN perspectives provide a powerful counter balance to the notion of a narrow curriculum that diminishes the value of culture in education.
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Hello Miss. Does and don'ts in primary teacher-parent communication.

(Date posted: 11/06/2015)

Establishing effective ground rules for parents to understand how to communicate with their child's class teacher in primary school.
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What did you do in school today?

(Date posted: 01/06/2015)

Using the Marvellous Me app to strengthen and develop the daily dialogue that reinforces learning.
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Start your term minus minkeys.

(Date posted: 27/05/2015)

Use the techniques of The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey to have a focused and successful start to term.
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The price of freedom...?

(Date posted: 18/05/2015)

How is the education landscape changing as the implications of learning without levels are felt?
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Getting the best from accrued marginal gains.

(Date posted: 11/05/2015)

Examination success doesn't happen in the classroom alone. It's about accrued marginal gains and that means more effective parental engagement.
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Not wither formal assessments but whither?

(Date posted: 05/05/2015)

How, why and when are assessments conducted? The prospects are many and varied but the answers are few and far between.
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Making parental engagement work

(Date posted: 30/04/2015)

A summary of the main points of The Guardian Teacher Network online discussion about parental engagement.
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Action Learning Revisited

(Date posted: 20/04/2015)

Action learning provides a flexible, credible vehicle for professional development. Its heyday was the 1990's but changes in technology and the growth of school-led improvement should prompt a re-evaluation.
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Why is management a dirty word?

(Date posted: 15/04/2015)

The emphasis on leadership in education can leave many essential skills to learning on the job because learning management skills is unfashionable.
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CEIAG for all. What's new?

(Date posted: 10/04/2015)

Labour pledge careers advice for all. Shouldn't that be a given? What are the standards for CIAG and how has it fared in the last five years?
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Academy chain performance.

(Date posted: 01/04/2015)

Considerations about the role of academies in the context of education reform.
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The Future of Teacher Training

(Date posted: 26/03/2015)

Recommendations from the Carter review are being taken up by the Teaching School Council
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Better maths grades? Help the parents.

(Date posted: 24/03/2015)

A new initiative by Teach First aims to address the issues raised by a poll that shows the lack of confidence that many parents feel about mathematics.
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More conscientious students than ever?

(Date posted: 16/03/2015)

Research shows an increase in conscientiousness in students. What are the reasons for that development?
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Are all the routes into Teacher Training providing high quality trainees?

(Date posted: 12/03/2015)

Summary of the main issues identified in the Carter Review of ITT provision.
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Education is more than exams.

(Date posted: 03/03/2015)

Report from the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue stresses the importance of education as a holistic exercise.
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Are the arts being squeezed out of the school curriculum?

(Date posted: 23/02/2015)

What is the role for school and home in developing creativity?
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Concerned parent or big brother?

(Date posted: 10/02/2015)

Should parents be encouraged to spy on their children's internet activity? Technology offers new insights.
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Write first to be a better reader?

(Date posted: 06/02/2015)

New research indicates link between writing and improved reading.
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The end of the IGCSE?

(Date posted: 17/01/2015)

IGCSE not to be included in English schools performance measures.
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Good News! 'this is a sober, responsible generation of young people'

(Date posted: 12/01/2015)

The latest report from a Longitudinal Study of Young People in England by the Department for Education contains some heartening news for all invol...
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Do parents know?

(Date posted: 10/01/2015)

Parental awareness of the impact of early learning.
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Child poverty

(Date posted: 11/12/2014)

Child poverty
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Finding solutions to learning problems

(Date posted: 11/12/2014)

Finding solutions to learning problems
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Parents key to academic success

(Date posted: 27/11/2014)

Parents key to academic success
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