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Reflection and Realignment

(Date posted: 20/07/2020)

As the academic year draws to a close, we have a valuable opportunity to consider what has changed, what we have learned, and what can be taken forward.
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A brief guide to action learning

(Date posted: 22/06/2020)

What is action learning and how can we help you?
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Looking Ahead Positively

(Date posted: 03/12/2019)

As the Christmas break approaches and a third of the academic year is nearly complete, we have a wonderful opportunity to reflect, review and renew.
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Making concrete offers

(Date posted: 29/11/2019)

A school community is built by its people. In this blog we explore one possible way of providing support to each other by making concrete offers of help.
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An Introduction to Coaching

(Date posted: 08/11/2019)

In this series of blogs, we will explore the concept of coaching and how it could be used effectively in an education setting. The first in the series, today’s post explores the basics of coaching.
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Supporting NQTs as a non-mentor

(Date posted: 26/09/2019)

Just as the adage goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, so it takes a whole school to train a teacher.
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Successful Mentoring

(Date posted: 13/09/2019)

Whether you’re new to mentoring, returning after a break or a regular, you are providing a valuable, crucial and career-changing service to the newest members of our profession.
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Planning Ahead

(Date posted: 30/08/2019)

As the new term approaches, start as positively as possible with a clear approach to planning and organising your year.
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“Beginning over again with the summer...”

(Date posted: 09/08/2019)

We’re not going mad - we know the summer started a few weeks ago! But we also know that summer is an endless opportunity for refreshment, reinvigoration and reinvention.
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The Life Lessons of ‘Winnie the Pooh’

(Date posted: 23/07/2019)

Here in East Sussex, we are lucky to have on our doorstep the famous ‘Hundred Acre Wood’, home to much-loved children’s characters Winnie the Pooh and friends. The timeless wisdom of their author, A A Milne crosses eras and generations.
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Reflection - a useful tool or a paper-pushing exercise?

(Date posted: 02/04/2019)

Does reflection have a place in your professional practice?
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Circles of concern and influence

(Date posted: 21/02/2019)

In his best-selling book, Stephen R. Covey outlines seven steps towards personal change and growth and helps us understand the difference between our circles of concern and our circles of influence helping our well-being, reactions & productivity.
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Will wellness solve teacher retention?

(Date posted: 30/10/2018)

Creating CPD around mental and physical health to equip and support our NQTs.
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Keys to NQT Success (NOT Survival)

(Date posted: 12/09/2018)

Don’t survive your NQT year - smash it!
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The three categories of student teacher

(Date posted: 09/06/2018)

Categorising student teachers to better support them
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Leadership coaching that transforms

(Date posted: 06/02/2018)

Four key considerations that enhance the effectiveness of leadership coaching
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What a good mentor needs to know about trainees teachers.

(Date posted: 14/01/2018)

Research from Loughborough University into the pressures of the trainee year.
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Mindful leadership

(Date posted: 07/09/2017)

Using experimentation to increase performance.
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Making best use of the first weeks.

(Date posted: 22/08/2017)

Early September is a great time to prepare for the busy months ahead.
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Coaching to achieve peak performance.

(Date posted: 30/06/2017)

Coach, mentor or instructor? What do we need to achieve our very best performance?
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Lead with more imagination

(Date posted: 21/05/2017)

School leaders can develop a more imaginative approach to succeed.
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Hold on to be a great leader

(Date posted: 14/05/2017)

The power of tenacity can overcome many obstacles in school leadership.
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Sliding between conscious and unconscious competence.

(Date posted: 18/04/2017)

The benefits of reflection in professional development.
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When should you be listening critically?

(Date posted: 27/03/2017)

Critical listening supports leaders by focusing on evaluation.
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Active listening

(Date posted: 20/03/2017)

Why do we drift off when we should be paying attention?
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The things we tell ourselves

(Date posted: 13/03/2017)

Internal dialogue can be a powerful shaping force in dealing with problem situations.
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Listening to develop better relationships

(Date posted: 06/03/2017)

Relationship listening builds better professional and personal relationships.
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Micro coaching.

(Date posted: 21/02/2017)

A quick coaching technique that works content free.
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Naming the issue without confrontation.

(Date posted: 20/02/2017)

Moving a coachee on to describing a key incident or feature without provoking confrontation.
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The challenging coach.

(Date posted: 13/02/2017)

Asking the right challenging questions as a coach to produce productive outcomes.
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When coaching is not the right option.

(Date posted: 04/02/2017)

Identifying the situations where mentoring should be taking place, rather than coaching.
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The ten qualities that make an outstanding coach

(Date posted: 30/01/2017)

A selection and sorting activity to help coaches to define what they need to be and do in order to be outstanding.
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Finding the right formula for a coaching conversation

(Date posted: 23/01/2017)

A simple formula to guide clear coaching language.
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Principle-driven coaching.

(Date posted: 16/01/2017)

What are the key principles that should drive all successful coaching?
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Three barriers to successful coaching.

(Date posted: 09/01/2017)

Learning lessons about effective coaching by considering what prevents it from happening.
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Working on core business.

(Date posted: 19/12/2016)

A three stage toolkit to define activities that work on core business.
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Multi-dimensional possibilities

(Date posted: 12/12/2016)

Thinking of possibilities in a multi-dimensional sense prevents accepted practice from continuing unquestioned.
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The power of coaching to change limiting beliefs.

(Date posted: 05/12/2016)

Appreciative coaching moves a coachee from learned helplessness to empowerment through open, enquiring questions.
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Feeling like a hamster in a wheel?

(Date posted: 14/11/2016)

Strategies for becoming more efficient and more effective too.
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Coaching and monkeys.

(Date posted: 03/10/2016)

Learning how to stop adopting monkeys is a key feature of a coaching culture.
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Probing questions in effective coaching

(Date posted: 29/08/2016)

A quick guide to the best four probing questions in coaching.
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What's the value of good coaching?

(Date posted: 01/08/2016)

The questions every good coach should be asking.
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Asking the wrong question.

(Date posted: 25/07/2016)

Six wrong steps that move coaching into mentoring.
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Why ask?

(Date posted: 17/07/2016)

Why is coaching such a powerful tool?
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What is coaching?

(Date posted: 12/07/2016)

Coaching is a widely used term. This article considers the four key features that define coaching in a modern context.
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Why everyone should have a coach

(Date posted: 04/07/2016)

The pressures and demands of modern life create aunique need for everyone to have a good coach.
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Using 'yes' to make good choices.

(Date posted: 13/06/2016)

'I always say yes' is a phrase that can suggest an inability to be selective, or to say no. The same word can also by your best tool for making the right choices.
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You are the best coach for your child.

(Date posted: 07/06/2016)

A guide to the best questions and techniques to be an effective coach to your child's education.
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(Date posted: 04/01/2016)

Achieveing effective long-term change through the application of small, daily alterations.
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A self-improving school system.

(Date posted: 15/12/2015)

A summary of David Hargreaves (2012) article for the National College for School Leadership
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Finding solutions to learning problems

(Date posted: 11/12/2014)

Finding solutions to learning problems
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